Ministries of The Oasis Church

• Oasis Nursery and Preschool (0-4 yrs.)
The Nursery and Preschool Department of The Oasis Church provides a warm atmosphere in which our children from birth to four years old receive instruction about Jesus and the Bible from caring, devoted teachers. Our leaders don’t babysit, but demonstrate Jesus’ love to each child and teach them at their level of understanding.
• Splash Children’s Church (ages 5-11 yrs.)
At The Oasis Church, the Splash Children’s Church is a place where kids ages 5 through 11 are taught the Word of God in a fun, exciting, fast-paced, and action-packed environment. Our dedicated team of leaders know that children, like their parents, want to experience the excitement that comes from knowing God intimately.
• 212 Youth Ministry (ages 12-19 yrs.)
The teens at The Oasis Church are being challenged not to conform to the culture of this world, but to be culture-changers in their generation. Our youth are taught and admonished to live a life worthy of the calling that they have individually received, as they become fervent disciples of Christ. They’re involved in all aspects of ministry, and are on the cutting edge of what God is doing in the church. They join others in praise & worship, wild activities, camps & retreats and intense teaching of God’s Word.
Prayer Ministry
• Weekly Corporate Prayer
We believe that prayer is the engine that drives the believer. We gather for prayer Tuesday nights at 7 p.m. for an hour of prayer. Attendees are refreshed and restored as they come and participate in this vital ministry.
Pastoral Care
• Counseling
It is our conviction that the answers to all of life’s problems are found in the Word. We will lovingly guide you to God’s Word and encourage you to believe and act on it, expecting God to fulfill His promise to you.
Healing Ministry
We believe that it is God’s will to heal the sick. The prayer of faith for healing will be prayed for our members who request it, and we will stand with you in agreement for complete victory. Please visit our Healing Page.
Men’s and Women’s Ministries
• Men of Honor
The Men of Honor of The Oasis Church meet monthly (except summer) for breakfast, fellowship and Bible Study. We study God’s priorities for our lives as honorable men of God. This event is a great opportunity to invite guests.
Women of the Word
The ladies of The Oasis Church meet quarterly for a luncheon fellowship and spend time focusing on the virtues of Godly women and in the presence of God. Come join our women for a special time in a loving and comfortable atmosphere.
Missions Outreaches
Reaching the world isn’t just what we do, it’s who we are. Our vision is to be a “sending base” that equips people and thrusts them to fulfill their divine destiny in the nations of the world. John George Ministries has been launching young men and women into the ministry for over 15 years. Oasis School of Ministry is actively training students to be “goers of the Gospel.” The Oasis Church sends monthly support to ministries that touch the world. In addition, we endeavor to take annual short-term missions teams to affect the world with the love of God.
Helps Ministries
This critical group encompasses most all church functions. Every Oasis member participates in this vital group of church leaders. We believe that every sheep must be contributing as a healthy, productive member of the flock.
• Ushers & Greeters
This great team is critical to the operation of the local church. Ushers help bring order to services that enable all attendees to receive from the ministry of the Lord. Greeters welcome people with the love of God and a smile on their face. They are helpful informants to all who enter.
• Hospitality
The Oasis Church Hospitality Team actually includes most members. They welcome visitors, provide refreshments and meals when necessary, and receive guest ministries. This team is crucial in providing a comfortable place for all our guests.
• Prayer Team
This trained group prays for anyone needing further ministry following Sunday services. They also provide ministry resources for those in need of additional materials for spiritual growth and development.
• Audio/Visual Team
This necessary group provides for all audio and video systems within the church. Their support and expertise enables the benefit of hearing, seeing and archiving the ministry and its future functions. This ministry is ever-changing with rapid technological advancement.
• Resource Ministry
This ministry is established for the purpose of providing quality resources for the congregation on a variety of topical subjects. It enables them to receive further ministry through published books, videos, and audio resources.
• Traffic/Safety
This team directs vehicles safely while on or near our property for the benefit of all members and guests. A smooth traffic flow is critical in properly accommodating each service. Each one of these gentlemen is a tremendous blessing as they serve in various weather environments.