From the first time they met in 1979 to today, Pastors John and Darlene George have been building a partnership based on a foundation of faith. They became the Pastors of The Oasis Church in 2003 and are developing a strong work there. They have itinerated to the nations for over fifteen years. Together, they are a powerful one-two punch for the Kingdom of God.
Rev. John George
John George has embraced his assignment to train others in “Spirit-led Living” by teaching principles from the greatest success book ever written, The Bible. His humor makes God’s Word accessible, and keeps people smiling as they learn to apply it to their daily lives. His honest and refreshingly direct delivery with simplicity of teaching leaves no one wondering what was communicated. Rev. George’s powerful, bold and intense messages have been embraced by people of all ages, backgrounds and ethnic groups.
He is an internationally-recognized speaker, Senior Pastor of The Oasis Church and founder of Oasis School of Ministry. He speaks regularly in churches, seminars, campmeetings and leadership conferences throughout the world.
Darlene George
Darlene George is leaving an indelible mark on people everywhere she ministers. Known for her teaching gift and wisdom of the Word of God, Darlene enlightens and empowers those who embrace her teachings and anointings.
She is known for her uncompromising style. Calling on many years of learning, praying and obeying, she leads the prayer life of The Oasis Church-teaching the principles that changes lives, families and the world.
Together, this ministry is not only touching West Texas, but the nations of the world through audio teachings, seminars, and leadership development.