For over 15 years, young men and women have come from across the United States and Canada to challenge themselves with John George Ministries’ Internship Program. They have learned that life is about “Perfecting Your Purpose.”
They come for more purpose, more adventure, more growth, more vision, and ultimately, more of God. Oasis School of Ministry is committed to providing practical, cutting edge instruction and opportunities that can be used to affect today’s world for Jesus Christ! The standards are high, the vision is clear, and the pace is fast – our mission statement affirms our confidence in those willing to lead this generation.
Academic classes make up OSM’s primary method of student development, yet the hands-on application prepares each student for excellence in ministry.
OSM has a class schedule comprised of prerequisite topics as well as elective classes. Here is a brief list of some classes currently offered.
Course Offerings
Principles of Faith
Holy Spirit and His Gifts (I & II)
Laws of Leadership
Developing the Leader Within
Ministry Etiquette & Ethics
Arming the Armorbearer
Spiritual Authority
In Christ Realities
Ministry Fundamentals
Ministering to Youth
Dramatic Ministry
Stewardship: Time, Talent, Treasures
The Power of Vision
Cost of Discipleship
Ministry to Children
* Courses are subject to change without notice.
Adventure Trips
The goal of Adventure Trips is to provide students with an intensely stretching mission’s opportunity and to expose them to the realistic day-to-day life of Christian missions. The ministry involved is primarily relationship evangelism, prayer walking and other relational ministry.
Adventure Trips are optional and the cost is considerably less than a regular Global Expedition Trips. They are not included in tuition. Adventure Trips applicants are treated on a first-come, first-served basis.
OSM Advances are not typical retreats. They are intense, practical, and stretching opportunities for each student to further develop their ministry skills.
With at least one advance per semester, the OSM students are definitely not bored. Most, in fact, think back on their advances as some of the most powerful catalysts of change in their year and their life. The advances are not included in tuition.