84% of teens lose their Christian testimonies while at secular universities
– (Barna Research Group)
Time has passed swiftly and vision has become reality as John George Ministries has grown from a small office in Tulsa, Oklahoma to its current 10-acre campus in West Texas that includes Oasis School of Ministry. The vision has remained consistent: to cultivate Godly men and women to reach their full capability in Christ while preparing their lives to advance His Kingdom.
“where there is no vision, my people perish” – (God; Proverbs 29:18)
pur•pose n 1. An end of effort or action; something to be attained; plan; design; aim. 2. Settled resolution; determination. – on purpose Intentionally, – v.t. & v.i. •posed, •posing To intend to do or accomplish; aim.
Become the leader you are destined to be

Intense Leadership Training
Practical Ministry Opportunities
Structured Accountability
Classroom Instruction
Notable, Proven Instructors
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9-Month Format
1, 2 or 3 Year Programs
Summer Travel Schedule (Internship Required for Graduation)
Mission Opportunities
Powerful Times of Prayer, Praise and Worship
Ministry Advancement
Ministry Placement Assistance
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