“I have known John George for many years as a very successful traveling minister and an experienced pastor. He is a straight arrow. There is no guile in him, and no sin. He is not carnal or worldly. He is a pure, holy man of God. His marriage is strong, and whatever he preaches is strictly from the Holy Scriptures.

I’ve known John to be a great Bible man who sticks right to the Word of God. John is a  no-nonsense minister when it comes to the altar. He is very successful at winning souls and turning entire families to the altars of God for salvation, including young people.

If you were to call around and ask those who have hosted John in their churches and conferences, you will quickly receive a very good report. Because John has pastored he honors and understands pastors and what they are facing, and he also understands all the ramifications and details regarding guest speakers. He is pro-local church and loves to invest in the family of God and see them grow spiritually.

I know you will not be disappointed to host him in your church or as a conference speaker.”

    // Dr. Mark Barclay (Midland, MI) //




“It is an honor to call John and Darlene friends, and for more than 30 years they have faithfully served the body of Christ. I’m excited for this new season of ministry that they are entering into. They will be a great blessing to all the local churches and conferences they minister in. I know that God will greatly bless the Body of Christ through their ministry.”

// Rev. John Bevere (Colorado Springs, CO) //

“Timely. Prophetic. On the cutting edge. John George is a clarion call to people from all walks of life to return to Biblical patterns of living during these changing times.

John is a mentor to ministers and to church leaders around the world. But he is best known for his bold, straightforward preaching, and his unique ability to turn the heart of the fathers to the children and the heart of the children to the fathers. He is called to promote right living in these last days and is anointed to help hurting families with the life changing power of God’s word.

John and I have known each other for over 25 years and I have never met a more dedicated, pure-hearted man. He has the unique ability to leave people better than he finds them. He is an end-time minister with a prophetic voice with a wonderfully compassionate heart.

Your people will never be the same for having heard him.”

// Rev. Joe McGee (Tulsa, OK) //



“John George brings a solid, biblically-based word with relevant application. You walk away equipped to immediately apply what you’ve heard. I appreciate his sensitivity to the Holy Spirit as each time he speaks, he brings a word that speaks to where we are in life. I personally enjoy the teaching aspect as he has a depth and maturity out of which he ministers that makes the Bible not a story book, but a playbook. John tells it like it is.

As a pastor, it is important to me to bring a minister in to not only speak to the congregation, but to the staff and leadership. From his many years of ministry, John George is one who has great wisdom and insight in leadership development. This has been a great benefit in the development and growth of my team and me. I am very grateful for the ministry of John George and the impact he has had on my church, my staff, and on me.”

// Pastor Don Duncan (New Braunfels, TX) //

“I have known John George & his wife Darlene since 1984. We have ministered together in camps and conferences on numerous occasions. John has also ministered to our church body at Family Church Bryant annually or semi-annually for over 25 years. John has ministered in our Men’s Ministry; Darlene has ministered in our Ladies’ Ministry and they have also ministered together in our Marriage Seminar.

I served as an Advisor on John’s Ministry Board for a number of years as well. I know first-hand that John is a man of character and integrity. He has proven himself to be a powerful, non-compromising Minister of God’s Word. Our Church body has always been challenged and encouraged by his ministry.

I am privileged to call John and Darlene George lifelong friends and fellow laborers in the grace of life in Christ Jesus. I encourage you to give prayerful consideration to the ministry gift of John & Darlene George.”

// Pastor Perry Black (Bryant, AR) //



“I have had the pleasure of working with Reverend John George for several years. John approaches his role as a minister of the Gospel with integrity and reverence for God’s Word. He has always ministered to our local body with a focus on encouraging and building up the local body of Christ. He does this by challenging them to be doers of the Word and to live and walk by faith.

John is dynamic in his presentation of the truth of the Word of God. He provides step by step insight into the teachings of the Bible, and makes them easy to understand. He shares incredible truths from God’s Word mixed with his own personal experiences, to help others tap into the potential that God offers to us all.

I have personally gleaned much wisdom from him. He has imparted much insight to our congregation, as he teaches and demonstrates the power of the Living Word. John does not compromise, but speaks the truth with love. He is a strong leader and key minister of the Gospel. I enthusiastically recommend John as a trusted man of God for any speaking engagements.”

// Pastor James Everette (San Diego, CA) //




“It’s not by accident that this couple finds themselves in this place today. True elders in the church that have not cheated, they have not dirtied and soiled their garment. It doesn’t surprise me at all that You’re going to cause their voice to be stronger and broader, and I thank You. They’re gonna. . . I see it in the Spirit. . . they are like adhesive. They’re the glue that’s going to put a lot of people’s lives back together. . . all across this nation. . . I thank you for it.”

— Dr. Mark Barclay (Midland, MI)


“Pastors are going to get it and catch hold of this thing in you. . . there’s a transfer coming. . . beyond what you’ve known, seen, heard or thought.”

— Pastor Mark Brazee (Tulsa, OK)


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