John George knows leadership.

Having played Texas high school football for the school known for “Friday Night Lights,” he learned valuable principles that carried him into NCAA Division I college football, coaching and ministry careers. John played and coached on state and national championship teams for over 15 years. He competed with and against numerous All-State, All-American and NFL All-Pro and Super Bowl Champion players.
In ministry, John, and his wife Darlene, served under some of God’s finest leaders and mentors. He understands the value of serving faithfully in the local church and working together under the ‘house vision’ led by the senior pastor. John has traveled the world and personally trained leaders from over 50 nations on four continents. He boldly proclaims God’s Word as supreme and more critical than ever in these Last Days. John is particularly knowledgeable in the subject of spiritual authority and accountability—necessary principles for today’s believer.
Having enjoyed some of the finest high school, college coaching and leadership training, John understands the “team concept.” This concept is often lost in business and ministry, therefore ending in disaster for companies and churches. The team mentality is often over-shadowed with a “hero mentality” that leads to jealousy, selfishness and misunderstandings. However, even though “team” is essential to success in any organization, proper leadership protocol must be followed. Without clear understanding of authority, “team” will become non-existent and self-destruct.
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