There is a glaringly obvious leadership crisis in the world today.
John believes it’s due to a fatherhood crisis, and to generations of men shirking the responsibility of leading their families from the timeless values and principles of the Word of God. This deficit morphs into the mass societal problems we have today. But there is a real solution available—spiritual accountability.
Having come from a broken and dysfunctional home, John was desperate for real leadership in his life. Coaches, teachers and school leaders helped fill the void, but it wasn’t until a man of God came into John’s life that he began to overcome his deficiencies by walking in submission to authority and into the godly position in which he now flourishes.
John has since invested into the lives of countless young men and adult men throughout the nations. He trains men to be Men of Honor through advances, outreaches and church weekends all year long. He encourages men to identify with their Heavenly Father more than their earthly fathers with understanding of the Scriptures of who they are in Christ. He teaches men to identify with Christ, not the culture.
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