What is partnership?

Partnership is a commitment to help reach lives with the Gospel of Christ, through regular financial support and prayer.
We cannot do what is necessary without the support of faithful partners, and are so grateful for each partner helping us propagate the Good News.
It is right for me to feel this way about you, because [you have me in your heart as] I have you in my heart,
since both in my imprisonment and in the defense and confirmation of the good news [regarding salvation],
all of you share in [His matchless] grace with me.
Philippians 1:7 (AMP)
We invite you to join John & Darlene, and other partners together with this ministry to Advance the Kingdom and Impact the World
Covenant Partners in proclaiming God’s Word to the nations. Partners are also partakers of the grace upon this ministry.
By faith, you can not only receive an abundant harvest on your financial seed, but also receive of the spiritual gifts that function in this ministry. As you have a need in your life, place a demand by faith to receive from the anointing upon this ministry… spirit, soul and body.
 And who will listen to you in regard to this matter? For as is the share of him who goes down into the battle, so shall his share be who stays by the provisions and supplies; they shall share alike.
1 Samuel 30:24 (AMP)

Our Commitment to You:

We commit to pray over you and yours regularly. Our entire staff and prayer team is involved in praying for you, including any specific needs you may communicate with us. You will receive a monthly letter of encouragement from the Word of God as well as a recently recorded message.

Your Commitment to Us:

We covet your prayers—without prayer, we cannot sustain and fulfill God’s plan and purpose. We ask you to commit to pray for John, Darlene, our staff and meetings. Secondly, to faithfully support this vision with a monthly, financial seed. Your consistent contributions enable us to fulfill our part in God’s vision for this ministry. Partnership allows us to obey God to go wherever and whenever He leads us to minister without restraint.


Partner Benefits

Monthly Audio Teaching
We’ll send you a free CD of a fresh teaching every month.
Exclusive Monthly Updates
Receive a monthly letter filled with ministry updates and power-packed truths from the Word of God.
We pray for our partners and believe for the power of the Spirit to exceed abundantly above all they ask, as they appropriate the Word in their lives.
As you enroll in partnership and send a monthly gift of at least $25 (USD), we’ll send your first recording. Each time you give, we will send you a recent recorded message, either from us, or from another trusted ministry source.
We thank you in advance. Together, we’re co-laborers and partners in the work of the Lord Jesus Christ.
“So two good things happen as a result of your gifts—those in need are helped, and they overflow with thanks to God. Those you help will be glad not only because of your generous gifts to themselves and others, but they will praise God for this proof that your deeds are as good as your doctrine. And they will pray for you with deep fervor and feeling because of the wonderful grace of God shown through you.”
(2 Corinthians 9:12–14 TLB)
Transforming Word, Inc./John George Ministries is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization.